Salons Leieburcht : Saturday 14 January 2023, 6PM 

Emiel Clausstraat 41
8793 Sint-Eloois-Vijve (Waregem)

Gala Night ( not mandatory )

Enjoy your evening with Friends, Family en Kababayan's
Ambiance and Fun!



- Apéritief met hapjes
- Zeewolf met Safraan
- Soep
- Châteaubriand "Fines Herbes"
   met groentjes en kroketten
- New Year - Ice met coulis
- Mokka

- Drinks included until 3AM



- Prijs voor de mooiste gala kledij
- Prize for the most beautiful gala dress

Disco Dancing with DJ Gino

Surprise act : for the first time at the kababayan



- Adults 70€

- Kids 5 -12 year : 25€
- Below the age of 4 : 20€ (with chair)


DEADLINE RESERVATION: 31 December 2022 !!!!!

No reservations will be allowed after this date
Na deze datum worden geen reservaties meer toe gelaten

Kabarekening: IBAN BE07 9611 7510 1866

(Please confirm your name and with how many adults and kids you are.)

Please make your reservation in time - First come first serve!

Your payment is your reservation - No refund possible.


Reservation can also be the boardmembers:

-Maurits & Eva Vanderhaeghen-Acack
-Gino & Susan Praet-Taguba
-Geert& Melba Degryze-Rosauro
-Patrick & Crisilda Martens-Soon
-Charina Cano
-Ignace & Shiela Mertens-Salamaña
-Marnik & Helen Dhondt-Filosopo
-Jozef & Amalia De Wulf-Abrigo
-Patrick De Greve
-Kenneth Rick Romero